Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kiev, Ukraine

November 21st, 2013
I wish I could share with you all that I see and hear. Wish I could videotape it and make a movie for you. I can try all day long to try and just share verbally but it's just not the same. 

Brightly colored balloons in an over crowded bus, glamorous down thigh length jackets and high-heeled boots. Young woman passes me, papers clutched tears streaming, face blotchy red, mascara mess, hair blown by windy gust. Curious I watch her pass and wonder what her life is like. Quiet and few children, baby buggies make no sounds, babies hide snuggled in their cocoon. Bumpy road makes me laugh and think of pregnant friends, bellies all a jiggle, they took the same roads. Big buildings with lots of lights, each window aglow, people inside, so many unknowns. Different smells, tastes, faces. All so interesting.

November 19th, 2013
It's Tuesday late evening and tomorrow morning is our appointment. I can hear cars going by and people chatting as they walk past our apartment. My mom and Dawson are sleeping and Dawson's birds and creek sounds are off now. So it seems really quiet in here aside from the noises outside. Our apartment is different from the one we stayed in last year, everything looks modern. Bright colors, purple, pink, yellow and a grass green color. It's fun. We hope to go out tomorrow and explore. Today we stayed in and mostly slept. Even Dawson slept a lot. Pray for good health and strength.


We made it to Ukraine

November 18th, 2013
Praise God! They made it safely to Kiev! So very thankful, but of course life isn't as sweet with them gone. They are missed! - Chris


Thoughts and Understandings Before My Flight to Ukraine

November 15th 2013
Last night on my way home from the boy’s piano practice I was thinking about the last couple of days. That morning I was reminded that God multiplies. He’s done it over and over again, oil, fish, bread, children, pennies, kindness, grace, forgiveness, goodness… He multiplies it. Throughout history He multiplies… the last two days it feels like He’s multiplied moments, minutes, hours, He’s given me just enough time to do every little last thing. I’m so thankful for that! While driving into my neighborhood the boys all yelled, “WOW!!! LIGHTS!!” Oh I turned that mini van around so fast they didn’t even have time to finish their exclamation!! There you have it… multiplied by three. Three beautifully lite houses all ready for the Christmas Holidays, days early! It was such a precious gift to me!

November 14th, 2013
Yesterday, Chris mentioned something that God has put on his heart as understanding. Of course this is only what our human minds can foresee, we know that God may have completely different plans in mind. Chris might be retiring from the Coast Guard in ten years from this next summer, this next year he will also be given a pay raise. This means that in ten years from now we will be embarking on possibly a new career and could possibly make less annual income. Dima our youngest soon to be adopted baby and Brycie buttons will both be turning 18, ten years from next year. This totally blows me away... The next ten years will most likely be held as the years that our annual income was at it's highest. We can't see the future or what it holds, but we feel God gave us a glimpse of His perfect timing. The next ten years may be the only time that we would be able to support a big family. This race we're running seems exhausting and we focus on today and maybe tomorrow and then God blesses us with a vision for what He has for us and why He's chosen now. Please keep us in your prayers!

November 12, 2013
This morning while Chris was changing Dawson's diaper he was telling Dawson how cute he was and that he just loves little babies and that when "we're" done having babies we can just ADOPT some MORE little babies... umm... WHAT... HAS happened to my husband!! This is getting out of control here! Just joking, we know who is in charge and it certainly isn't us! Good place to be though. Thank goodness for a God who cares!


November 10th, 2013
In just 12 days I could be hugging my children in Ukraine. The thought blows me away! They are anxious and ready!

God cares about the little things.

October 30th 2013

When we brought the boys home we had no money and we had sold almost everything but the big stuff in our home... like the beds and couches, to bring them home. So to say the least the boys rooms were BARE, just a bed, lamp, and family photos. We had bought the cheapest comforters at Wal-Mart while they were with us during hosting for the queen size beds we had for them. It was all we had and it was plenty and enough! We knew that God provided and that it was just right. Plain and simple! This time God has provided in a different way, although we are trying to keep it simple for their sanity, God has provided the long term idea of their rooms. This is extra special because they are coming home to their rooms not guest rooms not over sized beds, their rooms, I feel so thankful for this! Each item in their rooms were found at a VERY reasonable price or gifted! It's a HUGE blessing that God is providing right down to the sheets and mattress protectors. He LOVES HIS children! All of us, He loves us! I hope you are encouraged today, knowing that He takes such special care of the lilies of the very valley I grew up in and for the little birdies in the trees, He IS watching over each of us with such care!

October 30th, 2013
This morning we received our official letter of invitation to our Ukrainian appointment to pick up our referral for our kiddos! Please keep us in your prayers!!

Yesterday I found an old list, a list of items we would need for a big family!

12 Passenger van

Dining room table for at least 10

2 Bunk beds with trundles

Girly furniture

Bike stands
Booster seat
Shoe shelf
Bikes that work

God has provided everything except the working bikes... lol, which isn't even necessary. We know God has been in control and we're thankful for His mighty hand in this! He has provided almost every penny of the funds needed to go and bring them home and we know without a doubt that He will continue to provide!